julie + stafford

Their story is one of a kind and it’s the type of story little girls dream of.  Julie was mentored by Stafford’s parents throughout college after meeting them at a local church in aggieland. She didn’t really know much about Stafford through the years because the parents devotion was to her, rather than their own personal lives. However, Julie and Stafford eventually met and now they are engaged to be wed. These two are obviously beautiful together, but you just have to trust me when I tell you their kindness and genuine affection for the Lord is even more beautiful. It’s such an honor to be able to capture their wedding this August! engagements-228engagements-233engagements-214engagements-196engagements-176engagements-148engagements-133engagements-121engagements-111engagements-101engagements-88engagements-74engagements-62engagements-55engagements-48engagements-36engagements-30engagements-5