Cat + Kev

This is just a very small teaser from the McGinty wedding last weekend and I haven’t even made it to the ceremony.

Cat and Kev started dating their sophomore year of high school in San Antonio, TX. Their first date was at Chilli’s where they were dropped off because neither of them could drive yet. I love their story because it’s one of commitment.  They endured long distance through college while Cat was a collegiate soccer player and Kevin was in the Naval academy and after years of dating and goodbyes, they are starting their life together as a married couple! Cat and I went to DBU together, and though she is a few years younger than me, Ive always had such respect for her from afar. She has a contagious smile, is beyond kind, obviously beautiful, and is such a talented athlete. But Cat loves the Lord and that is so evident to even a stranger or mere acquaintance, by the way she faithfully served with younglife throughout college. I didn’t know Kev until his wedding day! This sometimes can be a little awkward, but I feel like Kevin has the charisma and personality to make friends with anyone. It was so evident that he is well respected and admired by his friends and family and it was so fun getting to hang out with the two of them together. Because he is a marine now, he wasn’t even sure he would make his own wedding. (CRAZY?! right?)


They got married in Gruene, TX at the Chandelier of Gruene. The day started off a little hazy, and humid but temperatures drastically dropped during their first look. Cat emailed me almost a year ago right after she got engaged about potentially shooting her wedding. I was so excited and thrilled, but even then I didn’t imagine it to be so beautiful. A few unique things I loved about this wedding day were these: Cat + Kev have been journaling to each other throughout their relationship and wrote a sweet note to another for their wedding day. During the ceremony, the officiant shared stories about their relationship and addressed specific qualities about their parents that they were each thankful for. I also loved the traditions that are affiliated with a marine wedding. It was my first military wedding to photograph and it added a unique flare. They did a super fun grand entry with their swords into the reception. (pics to come later) I probably won’t forget Cat’s face when Kev chopped their wedding cake with his sword OR the dance floor mishap (what’s a wedding without one of those?)

I realize I say this quite a bit these days, but this was one of my favorite weddings. I can NOT wait to sit for hours editing all these gorgeous fairy pixels!


Videographer: Graysen Cummings of Little Gray Flowers

Floral: Allie Moore


Lauren + Matt

On November 10, 2017, I had the opportunity to capture this faithful duo. Lauren has served at a local church in Irving for years as the girl’s minister which is how I initially met her in college. This is where she met Matt. Lauren is the kind of gal who can light up a room with her joy, hospitality and confidence. She is so wise and friendly. When I first got wind of their engagement, I thought, “Matt is wise to pursue Lauren, she fears the Lord and is so beautiful.” But I quickly realized they are such an incredible pair. Matt is an incredible leader and SO goofy! These two are so loved by their community and I know narrowing their guest list was a chore because of how well they love others. This was a wedding that just makes sense. It was a joy getting to capture this gorgeous day at the new dfw venue, The Nest at Ruth Farms.


Floral: Dashwood Floral (based in Denver, CO)

Venue :

Planner: Katie Lynch

Christmas family shoot

Photographing families is a little different than an engagement shoot. It can be more challenging but also the most fun. I feel like by the end of this Christmas session, Liv and I were besties. Anyone with little ones knows keeping a smile and the attention of a one year old long enough to get a decent photo can be tricky. I think I took over 1,000 shutter clicks in an hour. Littles grow up so quick and I think family photos can be such an incredible tradition through the years. I say it all the time, but I am so thankful total strangers trust me to capture such milestones for their families.

(Also, this location was in the back of a neighborhood in Katy, Texas. I wish it was in Fort Worth because it was so dreamy.)