I still remember Faith coming into my room telling me Matt asked her on a date. They were leaders together at church so naturally she had been trying to avoid him for awhile, but really I think it’s just sweet that they were such good friends before dating. I had a front row seat at their dating relationship and got to watch Matt pursue Faith well. I really am such a fan of these two and cannot wait to see how they continue to be an example of God’s love for His people because of the way they demonstrate love towards one another. Also, how incredibly gorgeous is Faith and how “Faith+Matt” are these photos!?!www.brittanypartain.comwww.brittanypartain.comwww.brittanypartain.comwww.brittanypartain.comwww.brittanypartain.comwww.brittanypartain.comwww.brittanypartain.comwww.brittanypartain.comwww.brittanypartain.comwww.brittanypartain.comwww.brittanypartain.comwww.brittanypartain.comwww.bri

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