mackenzie and connor

In 2014, a friend of mine (and now the Men’s director of the Forge) shared with me brief insight into what God was doing, through the Forge program, to transform his life. Fast forward two years later and I was getting lunch with two girls named Mackenzie (pictured below) and Tabitha (whose wedding I also photographed.) They were on a recruiting trip with my friend, Colton and were telling me all the reasons I should apply for the Forge. These  girls quickly loved me as their friend and encouraged me throughout the process. Then, Mackenzie essentially became my roommate in dallas opening her home to me anytime I needed a place to stay when I would come back to the city, during my time in the Forge.

Mackenzie is loyal and she is FUN! She cares deeply for people and she is honest.  I loved getting to finally meet Connor during their shoot and I cannot wait for their wedding next March. I’m so thankful for your friendship and so excited for all God has for you in marriage, Mackenzie. Mackenzie_Connor_Engagements-84Mackenzie_Connor_Engagements-26Mackenzie_Connor_Engagements-48Mackenzie_Connor_Engagements-71Mackenzie_Connor_Engagements-98Mackenzie_Connor_Engagements-118Mackenzie_Connor_Engagements-150Mackenzie_Connor_Engagements-166Mackenzie_Connor_Engagements-191Mackenzie_Connor_Engagements-212Mackenzie_Connor_Engagements-227Mackenzie_Connor_Engagements-235Mackenzie_Connor_Engagements-240Mackenzie_Connor_Engagements-259Mackenzie_Connor_Engagements-311Mackenzie_Connor_Engagements-288Mackenzie_Connor_Engagements-323

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