A year in review

I had convinced myself that in twenty eighteen I “probably wouldn’t photograph very much.” But I was wrong and I am glad. When really incredible people invite me into their lives to photograph their wedding, it’s  hard to say no. I am so excited for 2019 and as I look back at twenty eighteen, I am just so unbelievably grateful to these couples for choosing me to be beside them on their wedding day! Dixon_Wedding-21Lauren+Jared-2Lauren+Jared-5Lauren+Jared-4Lauren+Jared-8Dixon_Wedding-102Dixon_Wedding-117Dettman-22Dettman -27Dettman-24Dettman-18Dettman-17Dettman-23Dettman-20Dettman-8Dettman-2Alice+Curt-28Alice+Curt-11Alice+Curt-14Alice+Curt-13Alice+Curt-24Alice+Curt-5Alice+Curt-2-2Alice+Curt-2Family24Portraits37Details4Portraits217Ceremony12Ceremony94Ceremony8Hererema-2-4Hererema-3-4Hererema-11Hererema-7Hererema-2-2Hererema-5-4Hererema-3-2Hererema-5-3Stark-45Stark-41Stark-36Stark-32Stark-31Stark-29Stark-24Stark-20Stark-2Sam+Beth-17Sam+Beth-18Sam+Beth-2Sam+Beth-6Sam+Beth-16Sam+Beth-5Sam+Beth-13Bride+Groom384Bride+Groom367Bride+Groom179Bride+Groom246Bride+Groom365Bride+Groom313Ceremony13


Riddick Wedding-913Riddick Wedding-1017Riddick Wedding-283Riddick Wedding-88Riddick Wedding-473Riddick-45Riddick Wedding-625Riddick Wedding-734Riddick Wedding-1088PorterWedding-20PorterWedding-24PorterWedding-23PorterWedding-15PorterWedding-14PorterWedding-8PorterWedding-5PorterWedding-3PorterWedding-28Anna+Trevor-40Anna+Trevor-38Anna+Trevor-57Anna+Trevor-52Anna+Trevor-28Anna+Trevor-19Anna+Trevor-46Anna+Trevor-24Anna+Trevor-8Anna+Trevor-2Honeycutt262Honeycutt87Honeycutt245Honeycutt162Honeycutt303Honeycutt18Honeycutt403Krystal + Kyle-46Krystal + Kyle-45Krystal + Kyle-35Krystal + Kyle-27Krystal + Kyle-19Krystal + Kyle-28Krystal + Kyle-32Krystal + Kyle-17Krystal + Kyle-11Krystal + Kyle-4Krystal + Kyle-7Brantley_Details10Brantley_Portraits27Brantley_Preceremony27Brantley_Preceremony85Brantley_Preceremony92Brantley_Ceremony5Brantley_Preceremony178Brantley_Family7Brantley_Ceremony27Brantley_Reception1Brantley_Preceremony88Brantley_Reception235Brantley_Reception433Forrest_PreCeremony2Forrest_WeddingParty1Forrest_Family13Forrest_Portraits52Forrest_Portraits68Forrest_PreCeremony88Forrest_Details1Forrest_Ceremony47Forrest_Reception25Williams-2Williams-4Williams-5Williams-20Williams-26Williams-29Williams-22Williams-14Williams-15Williams-17Williams-1-2

family mini session

I had a fun mini session just in time for the holiday’s with Lindsey and her precious family! How cute is Tucker?!

Linds is the designer behind LAW designs, so the shoot doubled as a product shoot in celebration of her 4th year in business! Head over to her instagram to see her fun earrings and more photos! (They make great gifts too!)


These images were taken at the Lumen Room studio in Dallas, TX. 

joshua + madison

I had the honor of photographing one of my good friends from DBU, Joshua, propose to his future bride, Madison a few weeks ago at White Rock Lake in Dallas! It’s been so evident, even from afar, that these two are pretty crazy about one another and love each other well. I live with Joshua’s sister and can honestly say, his family is incredible. Madison is lucky to be added to their crew. Also, could they be more beautiful together? I’m excited for all the Lord has for you two, Joshua & Madison!



julie + stafford

I loved getting to photograph Julie and Stafford’s wedding day in August alongside some amazing vendors at Ashton Gardens.

Julie met Stafford’s parents her freshman year of college at Texas A&M. They mentored her throughout school before she ever met their son, Stafford. I mean c’mon.. what a story!!

These two are some of the kindest people I have met and they truly are radiant together.

Julie immediately told me, when we first spoke, that she had been praying for a photographer and was really excited to find me through the referral of another photographer in town. I was bewildered when we first met. How can a couple be so kind, genuine and also beautiful. But here they are.. the new Mr. & Mrs. 2018-09-12_00352018-09-12_00312018-09-12_00162018-09-12_00172018-09-12_00362018-09-12_00152018-09-12_00182018-09-12_00142018-09-12_00192018-09-12_00202018-09-12_00402018-09-12_00422018-09-12_00412018-09-12_00452018-09-12_00432018-09-12_00442018-09-12_00522018-09-12_00462018-09-12_00472018-09-12_00482018-09-12_00492018-09-12_00512018-09-12_00342018-09-12_00332018-09-12_00322018-09-12_00072018-09-12_00012018-09-12_00082018-09-12_00092018-09-12_00102018-09-12_00062018-09-12_00132018-09-12_00122018-09-12_00112018-09-12_00022018-09-12_00032018-09-12_00052018-09-12_00282018-09-12_00272018-09-12_00212018-09-12_00222018-09-12_00302018-09-12_00232018-09-12_00242018-09-12_00252018-09-12_00262018-09-12_00372018-09-12_00382018-09-12_00392018-09-12_00502018-09-12_00542018-09-12_00552018-09-12_00562018-09-12_00572018-09-12_00582018-09-12_00592018-09-12_00602018-09-12_00612018-09-12_00622018-09-12_00632018-09-12_00642018-09-12_00662018-09-12_00672018-09-12_00682018-09-12_00692018-09-12_00702018-09-12_00712018-09-12_00722018-09-12_0073

Abby + John Michael

In June, I had the opportunity to photograph Abby and John Michael say “I do” right outside of Nashville, TN at Long Hollow Gardens Center. I was welcomed to Nash for a few days prior to the wedding by the kindest friends and hosts, making it truly just the sweetest stay! I felt as if I lived there.

Abby was on summer staff with me at Pinecove last year and she is absolutely incredible. Her and John Michael were high school sweethearts and went to UT together. (Go vols?!) Abby talked so highly of JM last summer that I knew he must be awesome and a man of stand up character. All these things were affirmed as I sat at their rehearsal dinner hearing story after story of how incredible and loved they truly are by one of the coolest communities of other high school sweethearts. Apparently their youth group breaded young lifelong sweethearts. haha

Abby, thank you for asking me to be a part of your GORGEOUS wedding day. You are a fearless, confident and beautiful women who reflects Jesus in all you do and I am so proud of you and can’t wait to see you kill it as the regional director for Delight ministries. You also make one stunning bride and are going to be such an amazing help mate for John Michael. This is is way I really love capturing stories, because God designed each of them and He is really good at it.



extra random edits-5Stark Wedding-Getting Ready-1Stark Wedding-Getting Ready-1 copyStark Wedding-Getting Ready-30Stark Wedding-Getting Ready-52Stark Wedding-Getting Ready-44Stark Wedding-Getting Ready-22Stark Wedding-Getting Ready-38Stark Wedding-Getting Ready-68Stark Wedding-Getting Ready-87Stark Wedding-Getting Ready-101Stark Wedding-Getting Ready-132Stark Wedding-Getting Ready-235Stark Wedding-Getting Ready-254Stark Wedding-Getting Ready-252Stark Wedding-Getting Ready-241extra random edits-2extra random edits-4extra random edits-1extra random edits-32Stark Wedding-new-6Stark Wedding-Getting Ready-298Stark Wedding-Portraits-91Stark Wedding-Portraits-102Stark Wedding-Portraits-117Stark Wedding-Portraits-129Stark Wedding-new-63Stark Wedding-Getting Ready-282Stark Wedding-Getting Ready-286Portraits3Portraits48extra random edits-45Portraits51STARKwedding_ceremony-33STARKwedding_ceremony-96STARKwedding_ceremony-68STARKwedding_ceremony-58STARKwedding_ceremony-111STARKwedding_ceremony-67Portraits18Family-15Portraits54Stark Wedding-new-64Reception-29Reception-54Reception-68Reception-87Reception-103Stark Wedding-new-16Stark Wedding-Portraits-92Reception-43You may notice some fun edits on reception pics, because I like to keep my work fun and different occasionally. Hope you like the more muted and grainy feel. Stark Wedding-reception-36Stark Wedding-reception-13Stark Wedding-reception-31Stark Wedding-reception-63Stark Wedding-reception-78Stark Wedding-reception-95Stark Wedding-reception-116Stark Wedding-reception-131Stark Wedding-reception-124

alice + curt

Alice and Curt were married at Brake and Clutch Warehouse just east of downtown Dallas in Deep Ellum.  They had friends and family travel in to town from all over to celebrate their beautiful wedding. I was able to attend their rehearsal dinner the night before and heard so many toasts and stories of how much this couple is loved and how well they love and care for their people. It was such a treat! It goes without saying that these two know how to have a party. They are both unbelievably kind and I had so much fun getting to photograph their wedding with some of the most incredible vendors in Dallas. (see below) Edits-234Edits-245Edits-258Edits-276Edits-282Edits-289Edits-303Edits-309Edits-27Edits-34Edits-39Edits-43Edits-57Edits-330Edits-335Edits-339Edits-363Edits-370reception-207reception-215Edits-171Edits-77Edits-88reception-60reception-72reception-91reception-128reception-125reception-5reception-13reception-196reception-41reception-34reception-24reception-155reception-186reception-229reception-246reception-253reception-258reception-269reception-299reception-343reception-347reception-365Edits-166reception-367

Planners: GRO Designs

Venue: Brake and Clutch Warehouse

Floral Design: GRO Designs
Linens: La Tavola
Rentals (Ceremony Chairs): Lawson Event Rentals
Rentals (Stage Facade): GRO Designs
Rentals (Dance Floor): DFW Dance Floors
Rentals (Stage and Chargers): POSH Couture Rentals
Paper Goods: Invited Paperie
Hair and Makeup: Simply Beautiful by Meg
Lighting: Matt with Stage 2
Bridal Cake: Panini Bakery
Catering: CN Catering
Band: TOP
Ceremony Music: Serenata Strings


I still remember Faith coming into my room telling me Matt asked her on a date. They were leaders together at church so naturally she had been trying to avoid him for awhile, but really I think it’s just sweet that they were such good friends before dating. I had a front row seat at their dating relationship and got to watch Matt pursue Faith well. I really am such a fan of these two and cannot wait to see how they continue to be an example of God’s love for His people because of the way they demonstrate love towards one another. Also, how incredibly gorgeous is Faith and how “Faith+Matt” are these photos!?!www.brittanypartain.comwww.brittanypartain.comwww.brittanypartain.comwww.brittanypartain.comwww.brittanypartain.comwww.brittanypartain.comwww.brittanypartain.comwww.brittanypartain.comwww.brittanypartain.comwww.brittanypartain.comwww.brittanypartain.comwww.brittanypartain.comwww.brittanypartain.comMatt+Faith-121www.brittanypartain.comwww.brittanypartain.comwww.brittanypartain.comwww.brittanypartain.comwww.brittanypartain.comwww.brittanypartain.comwww.brittanypartain.comwww.brittanypartain.comwww.brittanypartain.comwww.brittanypartain.com

julie + stafford

Their story is one of a kind and it’s the type of story little girls dream of.  Julie was mentored by Stafford’s parents throughout college after meeting them at a local church in aggieland. She didn’t really know much about Stafford through the years because the parents devotion was to her, rather than their own personal lives. However, Julie and Stafford eventually met and now they are engaged to be wed. These two are obviously beautiful together, but you just have to trust me when I tell you their kindness and genuine affection for the Lord is even more beautiful. It’s such an honor to be able to capture their wedding this August! engagements-228engagements-233engagements-214engagements-196engagements-176engagements-148engagements-133engagements-121engagements-111engagements-101engagements-88engagements-74engagements-62engagements-55engagements-48engagements-36engagements-30engagements-5